Sheng Ruiqi 2016 summed up the General Assembly held in Heyuan grand

Time flies, time flies, blink of an eye busy 2016 years have passed, full of anticipation of 2017 came to us. The new year, nurture new goals and hopes, Sheng Ruiqi Group held an annual meeting of 2016, the annual meeting on January 13 at the Heyuan Hilton Hotel was held. The company's various departments colleagues gathered.

The conference site is full of passion, warm, active atmosphere. Mr. Jin Weidong, President of the company delivered an important speech, he Sheng Ruiqi placed a deep hope and blessing, I hope you come up with passion and energy for Sheng Ruiqi 2017 struggle! In the past year, the company members gradually increased. The company's sales are gradually increasing, which are inseparable from all the members of the company's hard work and pay.

During the annual meeting, inserted the game and lottery link, we put into it, showing Sheng Ruiqi the joy of this big family feast. These not only bring laughter to everyone but also to colleagues closer to each other's heart. With the third prize, second prize, first prize, the Grand Prize continued to set off the climax of the annual meeting. Company leaders and staff interaction, exciting sweepstakes, so that singing, applause, cheers have been rippling in the venue.

Brilliant 2016 years have passed, full of hope and challenges of the 2017 quietly coming. In the past year we have laughter and tears, the work has achieved fruitful harvest in the face of 2017, we are full of longing, passion, a higher goal waiting for us to achieve, the greater the market waiting We go to conquer, more spectacular career waiting for us to sway wisdom and talent, let us together with confidence and courage, swagger, to write a more brilliant future. Let us wish Sheng Ruiqi more brilliant tomorrow!