ChengRuiQi employee benefits group outing in ningxia in 2015

Language: we need to travel. If you don't go to unknown contact, feeling will become dull, our world is so small a little, even curiosity will disappear. Life day after day, also limited our experience of life, one day you will find that the stay of this kind of life at the cost of the once had a dream for.

In September, the company has organized two group of colleagues to ningxia tourism, tourism for four days and three nights, travel route for: shenzhen - yinchuan - central defender. The main purpose of tourism activities in order to thank hard dedication of staff in the company, the second is to let employees increase communication and understanding in the natural beauty, to increase team cohesion. In ningxia in the period of time, everyone's physical and mental relaxation and adjustment, create a united, active and progressive atmosphere.