Analysis of the Development and Production Status of Chinese Barbecue

    Since ancient times, barbecue has been in the human food culture occupies a deep seat, barbecue as the most primitive human cooking methods, has undergone long-term changes. The most primitive is open fire barbecue, that is, the common outdoor scenes in the film and television drama, the protagonist using tools to hunt, and then rabbits, pheasants and other prey string on the stick, lit bonfire, cooked in the fire above the food, with the original Human-like approach. However, we do not recommend this barbecue method, the first furnace is not easy to master, it is easy to burn, and food burning will increase the number of carcinogens; Second, the wild open flame is very dangerous, may cause forest fires.

Later humans invented the charcoal grill, the human found that the wood after incomplete combustion will produce a black porous solid fuel, very convenient storage, and relatively easier to ignite, save time, this material is very suitable for cooking, barbecue Of the fuel, which is charcoal. Charcoal barbecue Although there are many shortcomings, but it is also the most suitable for outdoor barbecue in a way, the environment is relatively friendly.

In the charcoal grill, based on the invention of human furnace grill, which is the beginning of the barbecue pits. In the barbecue pits with the help of charcoal barbecue has developed by leaps and bounds, such as modern smoke exhaust barbecue pits, smoke-free charcoal grill and so on. Of course, charcoal has also been a revolutionary development in the natural charcoal on the basis of the development of a flammable carbon, charcoal, carbon mechanism, anthracite, and so many varieties, each with different attributes.

Later, with the development of the industry and the development of the times, foreign popular electric barbecue has also entered China, it is an electric heating tube indirectly heating food-style barbecue pits, is currently the most suitable for indoor barbecue grill. Electric barbecue grill is usually through the pan, grilled net, hand dish and other accessories to place food, and then through the accessories under the electric heating pipe to indirectly heat the food. Strictly speaking, the use of electric baking pan oven can not be called "barbecue" and should be "grilled" than the traditional charcoal grill to be more advantages: no emissions, no fumes, no pollution, no oil, Low fat, do not get angry ... ..., is the most healthy, most suitable for indoor use of the family barbecue pits. (From China Industry Insight Network)