Birth of Science and Technology Le Pyle

one, was registered

On August 7, 2015, shenzhen le Pyle technology co., LTD was formally established. Pyle's science and technology was established, is shouldering the "ChengRuiQi" staff's trust and expectation, bearing the weight of the ideal of led outdoor leisure life. This is not only ChengRuiQi cultural heritage, the new goal, but also for enterprise strategy that!

Second, the new product was born

"Le Pyle" and "JAZZ music" of the birth of the oven, it agglutination strength and wisdom of all the staff! It has a cool appearance, unique music design, powerful barbecue! It signaled a new healthy outdoor leisure open!

Third, a housewarming

On October 8, is a good day. The day early in the morning, group chairman, President and Jin Weiqun wei-dong jin, executive director of Jin Ligong part with group management and Pyle all employees in Pyle office bildings in ceremony, in sacred and festive rituals. Wei-dong jin at the same time with the President when the chairman Jin Weiqun peeling the red curtain, applause of thunder, prolongs. They reveal not only the curtain, but also a ChengRuiQi group, a new chapter! They shook hands at that moment, means ChengRuiQi group all members will unite as one, set sail again