Heyuan days Rui Industrial Park Groundbreaking Ceremony

December 24, 2015, the company transferred Sheng Ruiqi Industrial Park in Heyuan City, Eastern Industry held a warm and grand day Heyuan sharp industrial park groundbreaking ceremony.

Rui days Technology Co., Ltd., the new site covers an area of 100,000 square meters, with a total construction area of about 125,000 square meters, planning and construction of a comprehensive office building, warehouse two materials, one division, three staff quarters, and with activity Center.

By then, Rui days Technology Co., Ltd. will not only become Sheng Ruiqi Group's R & D center, sales and service centers, training centers, Sheng Ruiqi Group will become the first people oriented industries industrial park. After completed, the annual output value is expected to exceed 800 million yuan, the annual revenue of about 25 million yuan.

Chairman Mr. Jin Wei Qun, said: Construction Rui days Technology Co., Ltd. is a huge boost Sheng Ruiqi Group to a new level development in the new stage of development, we have the determination and confidence in the company into a world-class, set product development, processing , production service for the integrated enterprise, we also believe that Sheng Ruiqi Group has great potential and broad prospects for development.

Mr. Jin Weidong, president said: Rui days Technology Co., Ltd. to build the industrial park is to let Sheng Ruiqi Group to do more, and stronger, but also to further establish the company's overall image and influence, but also to further deepen enterprise management, the implementation of core values guide policy.

Construction of a new industrial park fully demonstrates the overall strength Sheng Ruiqi Group and the founder of the development of forward-looking strategic vision, the industrial park will be the history of the development of the Group Sheng Ruiqi an important milestone, but also the starting point for a new round Sheng Ruiqi Group to take off, it is Sheng Ruiqi Group to further expand domestic and international market and lay a solid foundation, we believe Rui days Technology Co., Ltd. Sheng Ruiqi industrial Park will also allow the Group's development to a new level!