2014 the German outdoor garden products exhibition, Shinerich brand shine brilliantly

Shenzhen report from our correspondent (reporter.my name's zhengli from September) is a harvest season, the season of hope, is the world's largest and the most famous outdoor garden supplies exhibition SPOGA show start time, ChengRuiQi company sent four elite to cologne, Germany to participate in this annual event. Since its inception ChengRuiQi company, every year to send elite company to attend the exhibition, we enjoys a high reputation in North America and Europe, rely on advanced technology, fashion design and high quality service, popular with the customers at home and abroad.

The exhibition this year than past a lot of Chinese manufacturers, illustrates the made in China is to show the world our strength. Here, we in 3 days in the case of the exhibition. The exhibition we mainly shows the ovens and heaters two categories of products, most products have received CE certification. Three days of the exhibition time although very short, but our fruitful: on the one hand, through the exhibition contacted many new guests, we in the promotion of company products and reputation at the same time, we also to have the opportunity to understand the market demand and future direction; On the other hand, through the exhibition, we met with a lot of old customers. In fact, because of the convenience, the vast majority of European guests will attend the SPOGA fair, able to communicate better on both sides of the.