Shenzhen suffered landslides, our factories were affected Hao Rui

    At 11:40 on December 20, 2015 Xu, Shenzhen Guangming New District Phoenix community Hengtai Yu Industrial Park, landslides, natural gas pipeline near the explosion. After initial verification, the disaster caused a total of 33 buildings were damaged or buried in varying degrees, on-site landslide area of 10 million square meters. Land and Natural Resources official micro informed that initially identified the body as Shenzhen Guangming New District collapsed artificial mound, the original mountain no slippage.

After the accident, the company leadership first at the scene, evacuated employees of the Company, and make proper arrangements, accommodation, calm emotions. Since the factory Hao Rui distance, by the impact is not great, but fortunately no casualties, but some dirt into the plant, along with the case of cracking. Danger occurred a week after the company through a variety of methods to deal with the recovery arrangements and production staff, is most of the staff have remote office, seize the time to restore production and customer contact, to minimize the loss.