core values
Keep pace with the times and innovation
Very focused on the pursuit of excellence
Never satisfied with continuous improvement
Bear the spirit of common growth
Our mission
So that people enjoy a better outdoor life experience
Our vision
We want to become the leader in the outdoor leisure industry
The spirit of enterprise
Love the motherland, love the company, love the family is the three pillars Sheng Ruiqi people,
The more development of the company should be more to return to the country, social returns, return employees, i return the staff of the family.
Employment concept
Serious and responsible and effective management of employees is the company's greatest wealth,
Respect for knowledge, respect for individuality, collective struggle and not deliberately accommodate active employees, is the cause of sustainable development of the inherent requirements.
Journal of the Group
Enterprise News is the spiritual home of our employees, employees will express their wishes, to pass information network platform i, is the staff and leadership communication bridge and link.

Our hom

10 years Shengrui Qi perseverance, customers and partners to win our affirmation and trust;
Sheng Ruiqi in the rapid development of the same time for us to create a good working environment;
In Sheng Ruiqi, every month can share the happy birthday and warmth with the colleague;
Sheng Ruiqi's annual collective tourism is our good memory, the past few years our footprint has gone through Guilin, Sanya, Zhang, Danxia, Huangshan, Yulong Snow Mountain, Lijiang, Hangzhou West Lake, Shanghai World Expo, Thailand, Inner Mongolia ......