Talent concept

    The company has always been the human resources as the most important strategic resources for enterprise development, and actively explore the development of enterprises to adapt to the requirements of the building of a new way to build elite management marketing team.

    Self-study companies to carry out a comprehensive job training, appropriate to carry out various training, and actively outstanding talents and outstanding performance of the group to provide opportunities for further study. Combined with the actual business of the company, classify and cultivate a variety of key personnel to respect the law of talent growth, the establishment of talent incentive mechanism to improve the treatment of expert personnel, to create a favorable environment for the development of talent. Do one year assessment, three years one appointment. In view of the individual characteristics of employees, put them in the most able to play a role in the post, give full play to their potential, efforts to achieve "marketing experts, R & D experts, financial experts, management experts."

    Around the company's operating needs, through internal borrowing, external introduction, training, play the company's overall talent advantage, attracting and brought together a large number of talents. Advocate "the common development of individuals and enterprises", I believe that the quality of staff is to improve the quality of enterprise assurance; for each employee to provide fair opportunities and conditions for staff performance to make a fair evaluation; recognition and respect for the personal interests of employees, and employees Share the benefits of enterprise development; improve the work and living environment, and continuously improve the quality of work and life.

    Further improve the incentive mechanism, extensive selection of outstanding employees, outstanding cadres, excellent management personnel and other activities. And strive to create a cultural environment to stimulate the growth of talent, nurture and carry forward the "timely, accurate, innovative and enterprising" core business philosophy.