About us

SHINERICH INDUSTRIAL LIMITED is a privately held company specializing in designing, developing and manufacturing consumer gas appliances specifically outdoor heating, cooking, and indoor heating products.Shinerich was founded in year 2000 by Richard and Steven Jin.The solely owned manufacturing facility has over 42,000.square meters (400,000 square feet) and is ISO9001:2008 certified. There are over 700 skilled employees as well as advanced manufacturing machineries, CNC centers, and a 500-ton. punch machine. With a staff of 46 engineers, we have refined our processes to become one of the most efficient manufacturing facilities in Southern China.Our R&D department is state-of-the-art ith an in-house CSA certification testing laboratory. We also have over 45 Quality Control Specialists monitoring the entire production process. At SHINERICH, we strive to manufacture the highest quality products through total quality control.We believe in “Value through Innovation” by continuously developing innovative products guaranteeing the greatest value for the retail dollar.

We offer great versatility within our distribution channels.Our products are marketed virtually worldwide including Australia, Europe, and North and South Americas.A short list of our current major retailer customers are Lowes, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, Canadian Tire, and Metro Group of Germany. Estimated 2008 sales are over $46 million USD and we are continuing to grow at a sustainable rate.We have regional sales offices in Toronto, Canada, Atlanta, GA, and Birmingham, AL.We believe in after-sale execution and performance by providing excellent customer service call centers and replacement parts inventory within both Canada and the US facilities.SHINERICH will continue to provide the best-quality product, best price and best service to customers around the world.

Our mission is to provide an innovative, value-driven item that fully exceeds the retail and consumer expectations.We strive for excellence and settle for nothing less.